Metaverse Chat

Chat using your Decentraland name! Use your Decentraland in-world avatar name NFT’s to chat with your friends across the Metaverse.

Learn About New NFT Projects

Click into rooms that host users who are actively browsing the websites of various NFT projects.

Meet New People, Make New Friends

Browse user profiles and add buddies to shortlist your favorite users for convenient messaging.

Use Your DCL Avatar Name & Profile

Metaverse Chat automatically syncs down your avatar profile from the wallet that you choose to connect to the app. If you own multiple DCL names in the same wallet, you may choose which name that you wish to chat with, and you may change it to any other name in the same wallet at any time.

Promote Your Own NFT Project

Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a room for your NFT project! Your room will be visible on all websites that install Metaverse Chat.

Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging

Reach Unkown Wallet Owners!

Hunting down wallet owners to contact via social media can be a challenge. With Metaverse Chat, now you can send messages directly to the owner of ANY wallet. They will receive your message whenever they log into Metaverse Chat. Make bids on NFTs you wish to purchase, strike up collaboration opportunities, and more – to anyone across the Metaverse.

What's Next

Browser Extension Integration

Make Metaverse Chat accessible from the Metaverse Browser Extension so that users can chat from any website.

Desktop App

Allow chatting from desktop computers.

Mobile App

Allow chatting from mobile devices while on the go.

Additional Features

Integrate top-level ENS names, additional options for avatar sync from various NFT projects, custom color schemes, improved spam prevention, and much more!

Want Metaverse Chat on Your Site?

Add Just a Few Lines of Code!

Metaverse Chat is easy to install on your website. Simply copy the following lines of code, and paste them between the HTML tags within your code code. Modify the position of the app using the values within the code.

					<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<div id="chat"></div>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>