NFT World Wearables

Original NFT World branded wearables for your avatar

Purchase NFT World wearables using MANA on the Decentraland marketplace, or MTVRS Coin on the NFT World shop. Earn MTVRS by attending NFT World events, and use it to purchase your choice of NFT World wearables!

Gryphon Avatar

A fierce symbol of courage, and a guardian of the divine

Gryphons are a legendary creature – part eagle and part lion. Said to be known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions. The Gryphon is the very first collectible avatar created by NFT World. Available on the Decentraland marketplace. Only 1,000 available.

Green Dragon Avatar

Master manipulators with a tendency for corruption & evil

Green dragons are cunning and duplicitous adversaries. Cruel and petty, they enjoy intimidating lesser foes. Available on the Decentraland marketplace. Only 100 available.

Metaverse Browser Extension

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Easily navigate the Metaverse and associated marketplaces to explore content and to buy or sell NFT tokens including Land, Avatar Wearables, and more.